The first collaborative robot that
reports straight to your wrist

PULSE is a wirelessly controlled robotic arm that removes the necessity for human presence in the workspace at all, and makes it possible for JUST ONE person to distantly control any number of robots in different locations, even in different places on Earth.

How is this possible? PULSE is the first collaborative robot that can be operated from smartwatch. And from any other modern device, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By utilizing common-life mobile technology, PULSE welcomes the simple, wirelessly handheld life to the world of cobots, redefining portable control and making a step toward making robots a part of everyday life.

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Other products

  • Servo Motors

    RDrive servo motors feature top characteristics in precision, efficiency, torque, durability etc. There is a choice of sizes, hollow or solid shaft, integrated or external controllers. Gear ratios between 60 and 160:1, torques up to 157 Nm, precision up to 219 bits.

  • Frameless Motors

    Top in their class, these frameless motors (motor kits) are offered in a variety of options with different size, torque/speed, and other parameters. Easy integration and superior specifications make our frameless motors a perfect choice when the system you are building requires compact design.

  • Grippers

    Our remarkably easy to handle sensitive grippers communicate via CAN interface and can be configured and put into operation in minutes. They provide careful, precise grip and can be used to handle delicate or dangerous objects.

    Grippers are compatible with robotic arms of different manufacturers. Please contact us to check compatibility or request to add compatibility with your robot. We can quickly refine our grippers to fit your manipulator, and supply the necessary batch. White labeling our grippers is also possible.



  • Tool Changers

    Rozum Robotics Tool Changers enable a robot manipulator to quickly change end-effectors and other peripheral tools on the fly. This allows using one robotic arm to perform multiple types of operations with different end-effectors, which dramatically reduces the costs of automation.

  • Servo Controllers

    Our servo controller is extremely simple to use while providing some very unique features. The controller's algorithms are specially designed and optimized to work with high precision servo drives in robotic systems. The controller communicates via CAN protocol.

  • USB-CAN Adapters

    The converter's main application is connecting a CAN bus network to PC or laptop via USB interface.

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Power up your production with advanced technology that has never been so quick to pay back

Due to polished, efficient workflows, we managed to reduce costs and are able to offer top precision servo motors, lightweight manipulators and robotic parts - at a very affordable price, while maintaining extremely high quality standards.

Alongside ready automation solutions, we are willing to create custom solutions for your projects. Rozum Robotics specialists can carry out turnkey projects or assist at any stage of creating robotic solutions: consulting, design, production and technical support.

All Rozum Robotics servo motors, robots and robotic parts feature:

  • The most reliable of cutting edge technology
  • Minimal integration time and effort
  • Very competitive pricing

Check out the catalogue of our products, find out how we can work on a custom project, or ask your questions here.

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We at Rozum Robotics design, produce and supply advanced rotary and linear motion sensors to meet growing global market demands. Our experience and knowledge combined with innovative ideas enable us to offer custom product solutions to match customer's needs.

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