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We Did It: Rozum Robotics is an Official Finalist for the FoodTech 500 Awards

Rozum Robotics has recently become an official finalist for the Global FoodTech 500 awards. Why is this event so important for our company? How does Rozum reshape the future of the coffee business? Find the answers to these and some more questions below.

What We Do in the Shadows Robotics?

The future is here. Robots are a part of our daily routine. Whether you’re a latte or an Americano fan, our robot barista brews for you a high-quality, delicious beverage free of human faults. Rozum Café is essentially a café where a collaborative human-friendly robot arm prepares coffee for thirsty and sleepy visitors. Robocafé’s visitors don’t require any technical skills to order a hot freshly brewed beverage from one of Rozum barista machines. All you need to do is place the order on a touch-screen, pay with a card or Apple Pay, and the drink is prepared in less than 2 minutes.

Rozum robotic coffee station does not take up much space. Therefore, it can fit almost any establishment without overcrowding space for customers. Customers feel here comfortable and can keep their distance appropriately.

So, what we do is a small tech revolution in the coffee business that will change the way, people order and drink coffees worldwide.

Customers who purchase our equipment get their coffee shops turned into robotic café hubs that welcome any coffee lover and not only Sheldon-like geeks. When hiring a robot, no human baristas are needed at all. Limiting face-to-face interaction is now possible at any cafe-like establishment. Non-contact way of brewing and servicing by robot barista prevents the spread of COVID-19 (-20,-21, whatever it comes) as well.

How Rozum Robotics Reshapes the Future? (Spoiler: fast)

Rozum Robotics can most certainly reshape the future. It has been already. 50 years ago, having a computerized mechanical arm to prepare your cup of coffee was a thing of science fiction and purely fictional. Anyone who believed that was a real thing was considered to have lost his or her marbles. Now, it’s here. Here some proofs for skeptics, it’s fully real, possible, and efficient.

Employing human coffee baristas is now redundant. Machines don’t require sick-leaves or paid vacation. Inexperience and staff turnover will no longer be a burden. As a business owner, you will save a fortune on losses. Your customers will be barely able to tell the difference between a hand-made and a robot-made cup of their favorite cup of coffee... Oh, wait. No. Actually, they will. As robotic drinks are much more stable and computer-controlled. Rozum equipment is programmed using our own tested and proven software.

foodtech award

FoodTech 500 Awards — the Oscar for food tech companies

The FoodTech 500 Awards is a competition that AgriFood Companies enter to enhance their reputations. Companies are mostly judged on their growth, finances, popularity, online presence, ethics, health, safety, morals, and eco-friendliness. The contest is powered by an advanced data intelligence tool, known as ‘The FoodTech Navigator’. Believe it or not, it’s the first of its kind.

The FoodTech Navigator provides both credible and highly accurate information regarding the factors mentioned above. By automatically putting a great number of sources of data together, the platform provides the most up-to-date information about the majority of the world’s International Agri-FoodTech companies. It was originally used for creating the official list of companies within the agrifood-tech market.

Why FoodTech results are that important to us?

When food tech companies are nominated for this competition, a platform entitled ‘The FoodTech Navigator’ gathers all the data about them. With the collected data, scores are given to each organization; both fairly and without bias. Therefore, providing them with company scores greatly affects a company’s future.

Ranks are determined out of 300, by a score sheet known as ‘the mechanism’. When food tech companies are nominated as finalists in this competition. The following factors are considered: Business Size Score, Digital Footprint Score, and Sustainability Score. Winning a good score from the Digital Navigator provides an enhanced reputation for a company.

Being nominated as an official finalist for the FoodTech 500 Awards is a big deal for us. It shows how much our company fits into the modern business world with its product and sustainable business development focus.