About Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics is an international company consisting of top professionals: experts in international business (2 team members have got MBA), engineers with extensive international experience 15+ years, world robotics and programming contests winners (Qatar, India, Belarus, Ukraine), sales and marketing experts. 

Our aim - make robots an essential part of every-day life. 



Viktar Khamianok - Rozum Robotics founder and CEO. 

Viktar also founded Belprime LLC. Main product of the company - Link-Assistant.Com. Software for Internet marketers used by each 3rd specialist in the world.





        Period               Stage  
  April 2015   Viktar Khamianok founded Rozum Robotics  
  End 2015   Painting robot Leonardo created with use of 3D-printer. Working prototype. Made for research functions.   
  End 2016   RDrive servomotors presented - compact and powerful servodrives. Key feature - strain wave gearhead and controller both integrated in the housing of the servomotor.  
  December 2016   International office in California, USA launch.  
  January 2017   Working prototype of Rozum Robotics collaborative robot is ready. Supercompact arm-manipulator built from own Rozum Robotics servomotors.   
  April 2017   International presentation of Rozum Robotics products in USA, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Belarus.   
  December 2017   Pre-order for Rozum Robotics collaborative robots launch. First international deliveries of Rozum Robotics motors.   
  Spring 2018   International deliveries of Rozum Robotics collaborative robots   

If you'd like to become a part of Rozum Robotics team, go through our vacancies list. If there's no matching job for you, use the contact form below and tell us about your background. Probably, we'll be able to find something interesting specially for you. 

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