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Robotic Arm

PULSE by Rozum Robotics is a series of high-class cost-efficient manipulators intended for manufacturing enterprises of all sizes, makers and innovators, research institutions

About robotic arm

PULSE by Rozum Robotics is a lineup of arm-manipulators intended for automation of commercial and industrial workflows as well as research and education projects. The products cater to applications demanding superior precision of positioning and consistent performance. The arms are most efficient in repetitive tasks with minimum variations in process parameters, such as pick-and-place, machine tending, gluing, etc.

PULSE robots boast modular design and six degrees of freedom, which is almost as many as a human’s upper limb has. In practice that means that available degrees of freedom will alow you to cope with up to 95% of all production tasks. The machines consist of aluminium linking elements and self-designed servo motors embedded into joints. They can be integrated with a variety of end effectors, depending on intended use—grippers, welding equipment, laser tools, video cameras, etc.

The built-in servo drives enable precise angular displacement of joints within the span from -360 to +360 degrees and positioning of the work tool with a thousandth degree accuracy. 

PULSE robotic arms are safe, require no costly protective caging and are allowed to work in direct contact with a human. Teaching trajectories by hand guiding makes setup, configuring, and adjusting the robots quick and easy, even for a user with no coding or engineering background. For advanced control, Rozum Robotics has implemented an Application Programming Interface (Java, Python).

Supply Kit
  • 1x Robotic Arm PULSE
  • 1x Control Box
  • 1x Connection Cables Set
  • 1x Mounting elements
  • 1x Sertificate EU

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Available modifications

Model PULSE 75 PULSE 90
Payload 6 kg 4 kg
Reach 750 mm 900 mm
Degrees of freedom 6 6
Position repeatability +/- 0.1 mm +/- 0.1 mm
Ambient temperature 0...35 °C 0...35 °C
Weight 12.6 kg 13.6 kg
Max TCP velocity 2 m/s 2 m/s
End-effector mounitng flange ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6 ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
Footprint 120 mm 120 mm
Platform Web interface. Any device Web interface. Any device
Programming Hand-guiding. REST API. UI Hand-guiding. REST API. UI
Warranty 1 year 1 year
Distributor Price: On Request On Request
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Pick & Place
Machine tending
Injection molding
Lab testing
Quality control
Polishing & deburring
Pick and Place

Picking an object at one place and relocating it to another multiple times over a shift is a dull and tiresome job for a human, but a perfect case for automation with a collaborative robot. It is in the nature of the machines to handle the tasks easily, demonstrating unfailing accuracy and consistent output.

Working 24/7 with no breaks or mistakes, PULSE robotic arms are sure to increase throughput and resolve quality issues at your workshop within months. Its compact design enables integration with minimum changes to existing production layouts

Machine tending

Getting a collaborative robot to tend to a machine can help you optimize work cycles — reduce downtime of both the equipment and its operator and boost productivity. While cobots service machines, human workers can manage other workflows, resulting in considerable economic benefits, especially in terms of small-batch production.

Due to intuitive interface and the hand-guiding feature, operators with only basic computer skills can reprogram a PULSE robotic arm to do a different job within some 30 minutes. Moving the arm around your premises is easy, since our cobots boast light weight and simple mounting interfaces.


Using a robot in a painting or a dispensing job allows to improve coating quality, operational speed, and productivity. Because robots are more careful and precise about applying paint or other materials, wastes and flaws are minimized. Prospective savings are reported to amount to 20-30%.

Since painting environments are known to be unsafe for people in terms of health risks, you can curb associated risks and cut costs with a robotic arm. The PULSE lineup features 6 degrees of freedom and a range of reaches, enabling you to get every distant corner for great coverage. 

Injection molding

Similarly to machine tending applications, robots at injection molding sites aid in loading and unloading tasks. In addition, the devices are often engaged in secondary operations, such as trimming, which increases overall process efficiency and maximizes output.

A PULSE arm can make a reliable partner for molding machine operators, taking drudgery and risks out of their jobs. Featuring portability and versatile mounting options, our cobots can be adapted to a wide variety of environments and tasks without costly modifications. Relocating and reconfiguring the arm to back up a different operation is a matter of hours.

Lab testing

With a collaborative robot, your tests are bound to become more objective. Key benefits it provides in quality control applications include high repeatability and remarkable motion accuracy. Once programmed, the devices reproduce the same trajectory without deviating an inch. 

In terms of programming, PULSE robotic arms offer both a simplistic interface for non-programmers and advanced API functionality for coders. So, you are totally in control of what your robot can and cannot do. If your tests involve handling harmful substances, you can also be sure you are safe behind the cobot’s back.


Welding jobs demand from workers to be extra careful and attentive about what they do, since mistakes not only cost money, but endanger their lives. PULSE robotic arms are way more resistant to the kind of repetitive stress, enabling to minimize faults, rejects, and risks.

Whether spot, arc, ultrasound, etc. — you can equip and teach a cobot to do any welds, leaving the human operator the less dangerous part of supervising or redeploying it. Usage flexibility and high repeatability of our cobots guarantee minimum downtime, improved quality, and decreased expenses.


In gluing operations, applying the same quantity of glue and force in a consistent manner is of crucial importance to produce high-grade output. Cobots are better equipped than humans to address the challenge. Boasting high precision and repeatability rates, PULSE robotic utilize consumables efficiently, which results in less expenses and better workmanship.

Gluing jobs are also known for work settings with specific smells and dangerous vapors, which human workers would find not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Our robust cobots do not care about the odors or harmful substances, ready to work for your benefit.

Quality control

In those workflows where quality and reliability of products are crucial, a human error may cost you huge losses. It is not only about money, but also business reputation, which is way more difficult to recover. Replacing people with collaborative robots in key inspection processes is an elegant solution to save you the trouble.

PULSE robotic arms are meticulous about their jobs — never distracted, always on guard for quality. With an easy-to-use control software, our cobots can be adapted to your existing testing flow with minimum costs and efforts. No special personnel is required to tend to the devices, just your regular inspectors and operators.

Polishing & deburring

For human workers, polishing or deburring is a demanding task, since it requires applying consistent and large amounts of manual force for an extended period. Consistency is critical to provide adequate finishing quality, but hardly a strength area for a human. In addition, the operations entail high injury risks due to repetitive strain.

A robot not only eliminates the problem of extra ergonomic stress, but enables achieving desired force with desired reproducibility and pinpoint accuracy. Enhanced with force sensing features, a robotic arm can improve substantially quality and throughput of finishing tasks.


  • Сompact Size
    The PULSE arm allows multiple integration options—on the ceiling or on the wall, or over a table, or as part of a mobile installation. With the footprint of only 120 mm and sleek design, the arm fits easily into tight spaces
  • High precision of moves
    Servo motors of in-house design built into the arm joints enable ultra-accurate movements with repeatability of +/-0.01 mm. Coupled with reach ranging from 750 mm to 900 mm and 6 degrees of freedom, that allows easy and precise positionining for most fragile operations.
  • Safe operation
    Rozum Robotics has designed the machines to work side-by-side with humans in a collaborative manner. No additional caging or costly safety measures are required
  • API control
    Advanced users with coding experience have an Application Programming Interface to create more complex control algorithms. Two API implementations are available—in Java and Python
  • Universal Tooling Flange
    PULSE robotic arms can be integrated with a grippers, welding torches, lasers, etc. which features a world most popular standart - ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6
  • Live tech support
    We are determined to deliver support services tailored to individual needs of our customers at each stage —from purchasing to integration and operation


The robotic training cell

Dive into robotics with RozumLab! It is the first training cell that allows to acquire robotics skills applied in 90% of processes that take place in a real production. Additional sets of equipment help to dig into such topics as: computer vision, working with the conveyor, using specialized end-grippers, and security systems of a robot.

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CNC Robotic Arm
The CNC machine tending robot

Automate the loading and unloading of your CNC machines with a robotic arm PULSE. Careful 24/7 tending is guaranteed with excellent robot performance and individually selected end-effectors. PULSE is compatible with most models of Doosan, Haas, Spinne machines, and is easy to move from one machine to another due to its lightweight and compact size.

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  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food
  • Industrial & MachineTools
  • Medical
  • Military, Defense & Aerospace
  • Packaging
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • University

Purchase, Delivery & Service

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    Place an Order
    All it takes to place an order is to submit an online request, send us an email, or give us a call. Our technician will advise you on a proper product
  • 2
    Make a Payment
    We issue an invoice based on agreed terms and you pay it up - just as simple as that. If needed, our managers will guide you through the process
  • 3
    Wait for Delivery
    Average lead time for our orders is up to six weeks. We will deliver the purchase right to your door—wherever the door is located
  • 4
    All the products are covered with a 1-year warranty. Each of our customers gets personalized LIVE tech support from the engineering team when requested


  • EAC
    • Manipulators with DC 48V supply voltage models Pulse 75 Pulse 90.

      Registration number EAC Declaration

    • Connection and signal cables of type FX2 for voltage up to DC 48V. EAC Declaration.

      Registration number EAC Declaration

    • Robot controller type KR (AC220V power supply). EAC Declaration.

      Registration number EAC Declaration


1. How does the robotic arm work?

PULSE is a manipulator-type robot. The PULSE robotic arm consists of 6 segments connected by movable joints. This provides freedom of movement that is comparable to the mobility of a human hand. The robot was created based on the Rozum Robotics servomotors and frameless motors.

2. How to program a robotic arm?

The robot is controlled via the REST API. With an open API and a wide selection of languages, you get almost limitless PULSE tuning options.PULSE also can be controlled manually. You just have to guide the robot to the desired points, - PULSE remembers the trajectory and then repeats the movement with an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

3. What does the price of the PULSE robotic arm include?

The delivery package includes the PULSE collaborative robot, a control unit, aset of connection cables for the mounts, and a software package of Rozum Robotics.
Each robot is provided with a 12-month warranty with the possibility of extension. We provide detailed instructions in English, and our technical support is always ready to answer your questions online.

4. What is a collaborative robot?

A collaborative robot is a robot that can safely interact directly with a person.
Collaborative robots (or cobots) are lightweight and small, easy to control manually. Thanks to computer vision and a high-precision motor system, collaborative robots can be used without the installation of protective cells and other expensive security systems.

5. Which grippers can I use for PULSE?

The PULSE robotic arm uses a universal flange that is compatible with most grippers presented on the market. You can use serial grippers, or, for example, print a specified gripper for your tasks. Not sure which gripper is right for you? Contact us and we will help to choose

6. How does the installation of the PULSE robot help my business?

With proper use, the PULSE cobot begins to work for you from the first day: productivity increases, dependence on the human factor falls, the marriage is minimized, etc.
The work "man + cobot" is 85% more efficient than the autonomous execution of tasks by traditional industrial robots, not to mention completely non-automated processes.