Frameless AC Motor Kits 

FMI by Rozum Robotics is a series of compact enhanced performance brushless motors. FMI is a rotor plus stator kit—a three-phase brushless motor can be encapsulated into any housing of your choice. The direct drive brushless motor has no bearing, or shaft, or endbells. The motor is directly integrated into the rotating shaft of the machine. The hollow-shaft design allows for easy integration. 



Models available

FMI brushless motors are basically compact high torque frameless motor kits. Whether you choose a smaller modification or larger one, torque density is higher compared to that of other AC brushless motor manufacturers. Detailed technical characteristics are given below.  

      FMI501201        FMI601201      FMI702001*       FMI852001      FMI1102001*    
  Power, W   130    166   190    405   460   
  Torque, mNm 200   300   600    900   2200  
  Peak Torque, mNm  500    700    1500   2600   3500   
  Supply Voltage, V 48   48   48   48   48  
  RPM  6000   5300    3000   4300    2000  
  Diameter, mm    41    51    60   75    95  
  Weight, g  91    148    270   455   590   
  Price, Euro  449,00    499,00   539,00    579,00   689,00  



* - First supplies of models marked with an asterisk are scheduled for Q2 2019 

Where to Apply:

When designing FMI AC frameless motor kits, we kept in mind projects where compact size and high power density matter most. As a result we developed direct drive brushless motors - small in size but with high power-to weight-ratio. Still, FMI is a safe kit: it is a low voltage 48V brushless motor. Typical industries where FMI is used:

  • medicine
  • robotics projects
  • industrial equipment
  • moving elements
  • pumps, compressors, etc.


frameless-motor      frameless-motor


Why Choose FMI Motor Kits:

AC brushless motors by Rozum Robotics have a number of advantages:

  • Compact size and low weight 
  • High power density
  • Simple mounting and assembling
  • Hollow shaft design
  • 35 000+ hours service life
  • 1-year warranty


Rozum Robotics has its own production line. It helps us to control high quality and be flexible with custom orders. Average order processing time—2-8 weeks

Make a request and try FMI brushless motors LIVE! 

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