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Robusta or Arabica ― which one is better?

The barista robot in Rozum Café is responsible for flavor stability. But even a robot cannot make good coffee out of bad beans. Therefore, it is so important to decide on the choice of coffee beans suppliers.

There are more than 125 different types of coffee trees in the world, but there are two main commercial coffee species: Robusta and Arabica. Other rare types account for only 2% of the market. Together with, we have prepared an infographics comparing Arabian (Arabica) and Congolese (Robusta) beans.

Arabica vs Robusta

Robusta vs Arabica

So, as you can see from the comparison, Arabica is the "capricious gentle princess" of the coffee world. It has a delicate aroma, soft and sweet taste, but in the cultivation and care Arabica requires much more attention and investments. As a result, the cost of Arabica beans before roasting can be twice as high as the cost of green Robusta beans.

Robusta is a simple "soldier" that grows in cold and hot weather. Based on mixtures with Robusta, the invigorating espresso with a persistent foam is obtained. Robusta is widely used in the production of instant coffee, because during the processing, it is possible to reduce the bitterness and viscosity of the drink, and the cost of raw materials is several times cheaper than Arabica.

But don't rush with conclusions. While it seems like Robusta is a cheap option for those who don't care about the taste of coffee and just need to wake up, Robusta is not only about cheap instant coffee from a vending machine.

Blends of Arabica and Robusta are increasingly used not only by global coffee producers but also by local roasters. If you find a balance between the " the princess and the soldier", you get the coffee of your dream - aromatic, invigorating, strong, with a stable foam and rich color.

Therefore, if you are the owner of a robotic coffee shop, take your time to negotiate with contractors, don’t refuse tastings and consultations from the barista. If the robot brews coffee using the same high-quality components, then you can be sure that the quality and taste of drinks in your coffee shop will not change in two days or in two years.

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