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Rozum Robotics took part in Online China Roadshow

On August 28, Rozum Robotics participated in China Roadshow Online. The purpose of the event was to acquaint Chinese investors with the latest robotics projects. In addition to Rozum Robotics, projects were presented by Aubo, Rokae, and TUS Robotics.

In his speech, Managing Director of Rozum Robotics Mikhail Chuprinsky spoke about the company's products and achievements over the past year.

Rozum Robotics

For the Asian market, Rozum Robotics is interesting because of its’

1. Control

The entire production cycle, from designing motors to assembling robotic arms, happens in one place. Thanks to this, the company can quickly adjust projects, respond to changes in consumer demand, and control product quality. The company has its R&D team and integrators for each product. It is possible to create customized servomotors, frameless motors, and robots according to specific client requests.

China Roadshow Online

2. Quality

Rozum Robotics motors and robots are certified and meet safety and quality standards. Thanks to international certificates, the company's products can be sold both in the EU countries and the CIS market.

Chinese investors

3. Package solutions

The company has developed PULSE collaborative robots based on their own motors. Package solutions have been created for industrial and service sectors based on said collaborative robots. Robot barista and robot welder, robot video operator, and robot chess player were based on the PULSE robot. Rozum Robotics offers turnkey solutions that do not require a project development and can be used immediately after purchase.