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Rozum Robotics vs. Other Servo Motor Manufacturers

As the servo market continues to expand, more servo motor manufacturers are putting their products out for sale. Traditional leading industry manufacturers belong to producers from North America, Asia, and Europe. The USA, China, and Germany account for over a third of global supplies. Their offers of servo motors vary widely by type, voltage ranges, construction materials, communication protocols, intended use,and various other specifications.

Some of the most widely known servo motor manufacturers include Harmonic Drive Systems, RoboDrive, Kollmorgen, Maxon Motor, Wittenstein, Robotis, and Faulhaber Group.


RDrive servo motors - Power in a compact size

Rozum Robotics has entered the market of servo motor manufacturers with its RDrive series servos. These skillfully designed and superior quality servos feature an integrated controller and a gear head. Designed with proprietary solutions, this compact and lightweight servo produces the same output power and torque that you would find in other larger and heavier servo motor manufacturers products. Even our closest competitor RoboDrive can't beat it!

To produce such a specific and niche product we have contracted with reputable and vetted vendors who share the same high manufacturing standards that we do. Quality materials such as rare earth metals for rotor magnets and electrotechnical steel for stator plates go into making Rozum Robotics RDrive servo motors. In the core of every RDrive servo, these high quality materials go into creating and designing a frameless AC motor and controller designed solely by Rozum Robotics.

Moreover, Rozum Robotics has equipped its servo motors with strain-wave gear heads that boast almost zero backlash. The RDrive servos also include two magnetic encoders with 19-bit precision. 


Manufacturers comparison chart

In the table below, you can find the specifications of the RDrive 85 servo motors by Rozum Robotics. Check out how we compare to the servos from two other manufacturers—RoboDrive and Harmonic Drive Systems.


Rozum Robotics RDrive 85


   RoboDrive RD85x13-HD


HarmonicDrive CHA-25A



Integrated gearhead 

+   +   +  

Integrated magnetic encoders 

+19-bit   +12-bit   -  
  Power, W 450   430   630  
  Rated torque, N•m 108   67   108  
  Peak torque, N•m 157   176   157  
  Rotation speed, RPM 40   18   56  
  Gearhead ratio 1:100   1:160   1:100  
  Gearhead backlash, arcmin 0,3   <1   <1  
  Rated voltage, V 48   48   220 … 430  
  RMS current, A 8.8   11.0   2.2  
  Number of poles 10   10   12  
  Operating temperature, °C 0  … +35   0 … +40   0 … +40  
  Diameter, mm 88   96   81  
  Length, mm 112   112   97,5  
  Weight, g 2,100   2,825   4,900  


As you can see from the table above, RDrive 85 features a number of advantages as well as it is considerably lighter compared to the models manufactured by RoboDrive and HarmonicDrive.

RDrive 50 - the smallest in a series of 3 models - showing great performance

A strain-wave gear head with a gearhead ratio of 1:100 allows for high performance and energy efficiency, whereas the backlash of 0.3 arcmin accounts for excellent precision of positioning.

The magnetic technology applied in encoders ensures high-precision motion feedback even in dusty environments and fluctuating work conditions (e.g., vibration, humidity). It is obvious to see that the RDrive servo is the best option for those seeking both compact size and high power.


Try out our proprietary servo technology in your application and experience the difference for yourself!

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