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Servo Motor Manufacturers and Rozum Robotics

Just think of it—over 300 million electric engines, including servomechanisms, hum and whir globally, causing to move versatile machinery at factories and infrastructure facilities. Yet another 30 million find way into industrial premises yearly. With the market thriving so remarkably, servo motor manufacturers are dime and dozen. Their offers vary widely by type, voltage ranges, construction materials, communication protocols, intended use, and various other specifications. Let’s try making head and tails.

Servo motor market

Increased need for automation, faster and more accurate motion control, as well as technological developments have contributed to expansion of the servo market. Research predicts its further growth at the compound annual rate of 6.25% within the period from 2016 to 2022, with the total market size expected to reach 15.92 bln by 2022.

Traditional leading vendors are enterprises from North America, Asia, and Europe. The USA, China, and Germany account for over a third of global supplies. Some of the most widely known manufacturers include Harmonic D., RoboDrive, Allied Motion Technologies Inc., Kollmorgen, Maxon Motor, Wittenstein, Robotis, and Faulhaber.

Europe and North America

Typically, European producers are established and reputable businesses, sometimes with a history dating back to the early twentieth century. Their products boasts certified quality, proven in numerous real-life use cases. The assortment comprises not only drive systems, but also components, such as gears, sensors, control electronics, as well as accessories.

Offering high quality, European and American manufacturers set prices high, too. Plus the customization costs: buyers have to pay substantial amounts to obtain any feature beyond the standard configuration, even a slight shaft extension. Producers in the mentioned regions prefer not to take small-size orders. If they do, lead times tend to be rather extensive—half a year or so.

China and the rest of Asia

Chinese businesses involved in building servo motors are younger, boasting considerable production throughput and low pricing. Quality is substandard as compared to manufacturers from Europe and North America, except for Japan.

Specifications are often overrated, which can lead to certain performance issues during actual operation. Whereas cheap servomechanisms are all right in hobby modelling, using the devices to drive industrial-grade machinery or robots is a bad idea.  

Rozum Robotics as a servo motor manufacturer

Rozum Robotics has entered the market of servo manufacturers with the RDrive series engines. To produce the drives, we have contracted reputable and vetted vendors who share the same high manufacturing standards as we do. Components of our products are built from quality materials—rare-earth magnets in rotors and electrotechnical steel in stator plates.

The kind of drive is a niche all-in-one motion solution. Apart from the brushless AC motion hub, it comprises:

  • an integrated controller to manage the incoming commands and process motion feedback
  • a strain-wave gearbox to boost torque
  • 19-bit absolute magnetic encoders to maintain unfailing accuracy of positioning

Optionally, our company sells the servobox solution, which is intended for fail-safe and reliable control over RDrive servos at calculated loads.

Sleek and compact housing 

The reduced footprint is due to minimized dimensions of the constituent parts. To deliver the brushless AC core, we use proprietary compressed winding technology. The strain-wave gearing mechanism has an inherently low-profile design. 

A hollow shaft body and a convenient mechanical interface make it possible to try versatile mounting configurations—direct drive, vertical, horizontal, or tilted. Fitting the engines is now easy, even if installation space is constricted.

Remarkable performance 

Built with proprietary components, the compact and lightweight actuators produce the same power that you would find in larger and heavier counterparts. Delivered torque ranges from 11 Nm to 216 Nm and the speed—from 30 to 55 RPM, depending on a specific model. 

Since the mechanics inside the servo motors is highly reliable and robust, we guarantee the operational life of 35,000 hours and 1 year of after-sales servicing.


The engineers at Rozum Robotics, specializing in robotics, electrics, hardware, software, and embedded engineering, will craft a solution to match actual user demands.

Options to change the manufacturer’s servo configuration are numerous:

  1. removing the gearhead or the controller
  2. upgrading the IP rating
  3. adding a shaft or a break
  4. embedding a feedback device other than position encoder
  5. implementing an interface other than the default CANOpen and the User API
  6. modifying the wiring or the cooling

In our everyday business, we implement the customer-centred approach, addressing client requirements on a case-by-case basis. Our engineers are open to discuss any suggestions to find the genuine perfect fit.

Attractive pricing and delivery terms 

The affordable pricing results from a well-thought design and a streamlined production workflow. No batch size restrictions—order any quantity, we’ll be happy to deliver it to any spot worldwide. The average lead time amounting to 8 weeks.

Comparing manufacturers

The table below lists essential specifications of an RDrive 85 actuator. Check out how Rozum products compares to servo motors from two other manufacturers—RoboDrive and Harmonic D. Systems.

servos robots

Rozum Robotics RDrive 85

  • Embedded gearhead: +
  • Integrated magnetic encoders: +19-bit
  • Power, W: 450
  • Rated torque, N•m:108
  • Peak torque, N•m: 157
  • Rotation speed, RPM: 40
  • Gearhead ratio: 1:100
  • Gearhead backlash, arcmin: 0,3
  • Supply voltage, V: 48
  • RMS current, A: 8.8
  • Number of poles: 10
  • Operating temperature, °C: 0  … +35
  • Diameter, mm: 88
  • Length, mm: 112
  • Weight, g: 2,100

RoboDrive RD85x13-HD

  • Embedded gearhead: +
  • Integrated magnetic encoders: +12-bit
  • Power, W: 430
  • Rated torque, N•m: 67
  • Peak torque, N•m: 176
  • Rotation speed, RPM: 18
  • Gearhead ratio: 1:160
  • Gearhead backlash, arcmin: <1
  • Supply voltage, V: 48
  • RMS current, A: 11.0
  • Number of poles: 10
  • Operating temperature, °C: 0 … +40
  • Diameter, mm: 96
  • Length, mm: 112
  • Weight, g: 2,825

HarmonicD. CHA-25A

  • Embedded gearhead: +
  • Integrated magnetic encoders: -
  • Power, W: 630
  • Rated torque, N•m: 108
  • Peak torque, N•m: 157
  • Rotation speed, RPM: 56 
  • Gearhead ratio: 1:100
  • Gearhead backlash, arcmin: <1
  • Supply voltage, V: 220 … 430
  • RMS current, A: 2.2
  • Number of poles: 12
  • Operating temperature, °C: 0 … +40
  • Diameter, mm: 81
  • Length, mm: 97,5
  • Weight, g: 4,900

As you can see from the table above, RDrive 85 is on a par with solutions from its major competitor by such essential parameters as dimensions, gearhead ratio, torque, and power. The servo motor is considerably lighter as compared to the analogs manufactured by RoboDrive and Harmonic D.

servomotor robotThe magnetic technology in encoders ensures high-precision motion feedback even in dusty environments and fluctuating work conditions (e.g., vibration, humidity). Obviously, the RDrive models are the best option for those seeking both compact footprint and outstanding performance.