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Future Robotix Becomes Authorized Dealer for Rozum Robotics in US Market

Great News to announce! All North America customers are now welcome to address Rozum Robotics local Authorized Dealer — Future Robotix.

Future Robotix is a new company launched by Convergence Promotions founders, former dealers of TQ-Systems’ RoboDrive products.

‘Future Robotix’ is established to serve the robotics industry. Their line card includes housed motors, rotor and stator kits, slip rings, joints, encoders, brakes, drives, collaborative robots and other products for the robotics and automation industry.

According to Glenn ImObersteg, the CEO of Convergence, “It was an easy decision: we have been at the vanguard of the US precision and surgical robotics market since its inception. Now that the market has matured, our customers are demanding a more cost-effective and diverse product selection, greater manufacturing capacity and shorter lead times. We believe, through an alliance with Rozum, we can now meet those demands.”

Michael ImObersteg, the President and CEO of Future Robotix states: “Our customers demand a reliable source of motors at different performance levels and price points. It is also essential that they can be purchased with encoders, controllers and gears optimized to work together to produce the highest dynamics and the most reliable performance. We believe with the inclusion of Rozum Robotics, industry leading manufacturer, and the addition of our technical design expertise, we can now offer our customers a greater selection and better service than ever before.”

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