Servo Box

Servobox overview

Offered as an option for RDrive servo motors, the servobox solution allows for the following:

  • easy and quick integration of RDrive servos into your application 
  • safe and correct operation of RDrive servos in the designed range of loads
  • precise control of RDrive servo motion via the Application Programming Interface 


1. ENERGY EATER (with a power supply connector)

Energy eaters dissipate dynamic braking energy. When not dissipated, this energy can cause servos to generate voltages in excess of supply voltage. This can lead to serious damage to your system.


Model 1

For applications with average dissipated power of less than 25 W, you can assemble the simple Model 1 energy eater following our recommendations.

Dimensions (length x width x depth): 50 mm x 40 mm x 20 mm

Weight: 60 g



Model 2

For applications with average dissipated power from 25 W to 120 W (1 000 W peak), Rozum Robotics recommends to order the Model 2 eater. 

Dimensions (length x width x depth): 100 mm x 150 mm x 45 mm

Weight: 650 g


Capacitors accumulate and supply electric energy to servos to compensate short-term power consumption peaks due to inductive resistance.

As part of the servobox solution, capacitors are supplied attached to servo housings. However, you can detach and position them at a distance from servos, if your application requires so. In addition, you can assemble the module(s) on your own.


A capacitor module attached to an RDrive servo


The USB-CAN dongle enables communication between the servo(s) and a control PC. The dongle is supplied together with a USB-A to Micro-USB cable (1 m long) that is used to connect it to the control PC.

Important! If your PC runs Windows 8 or earlier versions of the operating system, you will need to download and install a driver to be able to work with the USB-CAN dongle from the servobox supply package. For the downloading link and installation instructions, go to the webpage.


The 120 Ohm resistor terminates the CAN connection of RDrive servos.


The cable set comprises power supply and CAN cables—1 cable of each type per servo. The power supply cable is 1 m long, and the CAN cable is 0.5 m long.

Servobox Accessories

As an optional quick-start accessory, Rozum Robotics provides a range of motor mounts. To get STL models, go to Download Center.


 Motor mount assembled with a servo

To assemble the printed components into a motor mount, you will also need the following fitting elements:

  • three M4x30 screws
  • three M4 nuts
  • six M4 washers
  • 10х10х3 five self-adhesive rubber pads to be fitted into recesses on the top and bottom parts





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