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Rozum Robotics to Welcome Samsung Electronics Research

As Elon Musk once stated: “it's very important to have a feedback loop, where you're constantly thinking about what you've done and how you could be doing it better“.

The idea is not a new one (as well as the Cybertruck design), however, some thoughts have no expiration date. An outside perspective can be a magic wand or a bitter pill. The point is – it can identify black holes in a business and bring the company further. But where to get such a helpful and honest opinion? Especially, when the company’s product is a sophisticated cutting-edge technology with hundreds of efficiency factors. What’s the solution? To find a place for the ideas exchange with like-minded passionate experts.

Recently, Samsung Startup Membership Program has become such a community for Rozum Robotics LLC. The electronic giant understands the high potential of start-ups as innovation drivers, so it has created a special support program for the most promising start-up companies from all over the world.

To join a Startup Membership Program a company should:

  1. Present own product and prove its innovative potential
  2. Show how this product could be applied for Samsung future technologies

If the company passes:

  1. It gets clear and constructive recommendations from the Samsung Advisory Board on how to improve the product.
  2. The company gets access to Samsung’s research on technologies development, current trends, and perspectives. It builds tight connections with the Samsung Technology Club. The company gets ideas on how to implement own products into Samsung upcoming technologies.
  3. The company participates in private events with leading experts and engineers of the Samsung Research Russia center as well as guest experts and developers.
  4. If the company product is believed to be a promising one, it will be presented to Samsung key managers at the global level.

Rozum Robotics to Welcome Samsung Electronics Research

And Rozum Robotics did it! (this might sound immodest, but we are really proud of it ^_^)

The company is one of the four startups in Belarus that could qualify and join the Samsung Startup Membership Program. As a part of this program, Rozum representatives already participated in Samsung Connection Day 2019 in Moscow. Few weeks later, the Samsung team represented by Dr. Jin Wook Lee, CEO of Samsung Research Russia and Head of the Samsung Artificial Intelligence Center in Moscow, Jaehwi Jang Samsung Electronics Director and Vladimir Pichugin, Head of Open Innovations Samsung Research Russia came in Minsk to the Rozum office for the further negotiations.

Samsung representatives had a look into the internal robo-kitchen of Rozum, and could see, touch, and test how motors and robotic manipulators are produced here. At the meeting in Minsk, issues related primarily to financing were discussed. How important it is for a young company to find the right strategic investor for a long-term growth, and what are the further cooperation opportunities for including Rozum robotic solutions into future projects of Samsung.

Rozum Robotics to Welcome Samsung Electronics Research

As Elon Musk stated, it’s very important to have a feedback, but it’s more important to be brave enough and open-minded to transform this feedback into a real action plan.