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Rozum Robotics Presented Its Robotics Components at SPS IPC Drives 2017

November 28—30, 2017 Rozum Robotics team had the honor to take part in one of the biggest specialized exhibition events in Europe — SPS IPC Drives 2017. The fair was held in Nuremberg, Germany. According to the organizers about 70 000 professionals visited the show with about 1 700 participants.

This time Rozum Robotics team tried to bring focus to the line of its robotics components: Servo Drives, Frameless Motors and Controllers. Cobot PULSE was used as a live demo of drives performance. And the tactics proved itself to be true!

As the exhibition showed it — Servo Drives by Rozum Robotics is a unique product in the market nowadays. In contrast to other drives manufacturers our constructors and engineers managed to unite in a single body all the components required: frameless motor - controller - encoder - gear box. Use of drives produced by Rozum Robotics opens up incredible possibilities for other robotics and machine manufacturers where space is at a premium and high power is required.

Frameless Motors by Rozum Robotics traditionally show high efficiency in a robust design. Industry-leading quality at affordable price makes them real competitive in every market: from North American countries to Asia-Pacific region.

Special attention was also paid to Rozum Robotics Controllers. Exquisite layout of the elements and cutting-edge technologies made C-series controllers a real masterpiece. Professionals of the industry could hardly believe that Rozum Robotics tiny-size controllers can boast 750W output.

The show became a good place to meet our current clients and partners as well as make new promising contacts. We are grateful to every person who spent his time visiting our booth. We are really thrilled with new opportunities and upcoming perspectives.

During the show everybody had chance to place a pre-order for Servo Drives, Frameless Motors and Controllers for early 2018 deliveries. If you could not make it at the exhibition don’t miss your chance: send an email with the description of your request to and we get in contact with you! Become one of the first recipients of the high efficient product! Give yourself chance to use a really top product! Servomotors: Learn More | Frameless Motors: Learn More

Faith and loyalty of our customers make us move faster and bring the quality of our solutions to the top. Thanks for your support!