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Rozum Cafe presented in Italy

Rozum Cafe: Pre-Oders Now Available for Italy

October 24-26 Rozum Robotics team presented autonomous robotic barista Rozum Cafe in Milan, Italy.  

Everybody loves coffee. 

But Italians do treat it as a religion. Just few feel brave enough to enter Italian coffee market. Nevertheless, courage and spirit of innovation have always been typical of Rozum Robotics.

A team of 3 people - tech geek, marketer and a company founder - paid a visit to Milan to treat with coffee every visitor of Salone Franchising Exhibition. By the way, for a robotic barista it was a first tour to Western Europe shows. 

Quite many things were tested in the field: 

  • international logistics (total weight of the package almost reaches 2 tons);
  • customs regulations;
  • quick hardware and software launch and assembly;
  • ability to meet the requirements of the local market.

During 3 days of the show more than 400 visitors stopped at Rozum Robotics booth. More than 60 litres of milk was used. Multiple kilos of coffee and cocoa were consumed by the booth visitors. 

Robotics show is always a lot of fun. Every visitor enjoyed the great taste and innovative approach to coffee making. 

After intial solution launch at the show - which was done with success - here is the time for careful homework with new partners: alltogether with the show leads we are going to sit together to prepare the Rozum Cafe for the first commercial use in Italy. Stay tuned and follow our news to get notified of first launches!

P.S. Here are a few photos and video for you. Enjoy!

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