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Contest by Rozum Robotics
«Robots Against COVID-19»

Prize: $1,000

Rozum Robotics announces the “Robots Against COVID-19” contest

  • The goal of competition is to find the best idea that prevents the COVID spread or minimises its impact using collaborative robotic arms or servomotors.
  • The contest is among university and college students all over the world.
  • The winner prize is $1,000.


Learn more about the contest.

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global threat. It stretched the health care system beyond measure. Your interest in robotics might be helpful right now! Apply if you have ideas for how to deal with the virus and its influence.

Participants have a chance to not only win the prize of $1,000 but to be an external expert at the stage of implementation of the proposed concept. Both college and university students from all around the world are invited to participate.

Your idea should solve one or both of the following problems:

  • Safety and health of people during a pandemic.
  • Safety and health of doctors during global pandemics.

robotic arm pulse

The application should contain a detailed text description based on PULSE robotic arm or RDrive servomotor.

Send your application today at

Don’t forget to include your name and surname, email address, mobile number, city, and country.

So act right now, be a creator of the solution that will save lives.

Applications are accepted from April 21st to July 21st. The prize will be transferred directly to the winner’s bank account. The winner will be invited to join the Rozum Robotics team in its efforts to implement the solution. 

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