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Cobots for business

January 16,2019

So, what is a collaborative robot? And how exactly it can help your industry to grow and work in a more organized efficient way? Let’s make it clear. The very word collaborative tells us about the intent behind the invention: it is specifically made to work along with a human worker and produce a better result combining both of the powers. The key quality of the collaborative robot (or cobot) is that it works alongside people quite literally—being in close proximity and doesn’t cause any harm. It doesn’t require special fencing and atrocious safety regulations—cobots are made to cooperate with humans!

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Servos as robot components

December 17,2018

In 1942, when Isaac Asimov first set out three Laws of Robotics, the smart machines co-existing in symbiosis with people seemed more of a fiction than a probable reality. State-of-the-art technology opens up a breathtaking perspective of robots penetrating into our lives. At home, the intelligent devices can do the drudgery we hate—the cleaning and washing. At work, repetitive, dirty, and dangerous tasks are as easy as one-two-three for a robotic arm with servo motors. The type of engine provides accuracy, smoothness, and flexibility of motion comparable to a human limb, while excelling it at repeatability.

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Robotic arm technology

November 08,2018

Human bodies are fragile, grow tired and get sick. Each has its own limits, of course—some are tougher, others are weaker, but no person can work twenty-four/seven without losing concentration or getting out of time. The total of the above and similar factors slow down production, entailing extra costs, such as compensations for labour accidents, and degrading competitiveness. Therefore, enterprises aim at automating their manufacturing processes by replacing people with industrial robots or robotic arms.

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