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Rozum Robotics took part in Robosector 2018

Rozum Robotics became an official partner for International robotics conference ROBOSECTOR 2018. Viktar Khamianok, Rozum Robotics founder and CEO, presented a report "Collaborative robotics perspectives at CIS enterprises. Rozum Robotics experience".

Over the last 10 years collaborative robots market increase by 40—50%. Meanwhile, Asian countries take over traditional EU and US markets in terms of cobots adoption tempo. According to International Federation of Robotics current level of robotics adoption in CIS countries is just 1 robot per 10 000 workers (compare the same rate in China — 49 : 10 000). 

Main aim of the presentation — share accumulated experience and draw attention to collaborative robotics. The report included detailed information on types of clients addressing Rozum Robotics, industries represented, operation types required. At the same time much attention in the report was paid to the current market barriers. At the very end the market perspectives were forecast. Kindly, find the forecast below. 

Collaborative robotics forecast by Rozum Robotics.

According to our opinion, CIS collaborative robotics market will be following these trends:

  1. Local manufacturers rise
  2. Automation increase
  3. Increase of interest in cobots from End-users
  4. Increase of interest in cobots from integrators
  5. Universities and research centers will play a significant role in cobots adoption
  6. Cobot average price reduction

In the long term — 15—20 years — quite possible for cobots to appear in our homes assisting cooking, cleaning and other domestic duties.