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Rozum Robotics offers a ready solution for CNC machine tending

Automation has long been synonymous with high performance. CNC machines intensified production processes and increased the volume of productions by tens of times.

However, automation does not end with the installation of a CNC machine. Loading and unloading parts, quality control, etc. still require the presence of a human operator. In this case, the main part of the employee’s working day is just waiting for the completion of the processing cycle, for performing two or three repetitive tasks. With the support of ABAMET, Rozum Robotics has developed a turnkey solution for automating the tending of CNC machines - from loading to quality control of the finished product.

The robot operator is installed in the working area of ​​the machine and communicates directly with it. PULSE captures the workpiece, fixes it, sends a signal to the machine, and the processing cycle starts. When the workpiece is ready, the machine system sends a signal to the robot, and it unloads and neatly stacks the finished parts. The robot allows not only to establish the smooth operation of CNC machines, but it also minimizes the risks associated with heavy, hot, or sharp parts.

Unmanned production means efficiency and minimal risk. To install the PULSE robot operator, the client does not need to change the design of the machine or to install expensive security systems. The robot is mobile, and, if necessary, it can be quickly moved from a machine to a machine. At the same time, the robot is collaborative: it is safe for working with people, and even an employee with basic programming knowledge will be able to configure and manage PULSE.

PULSE collaborative robots not only create unmanned production, but also increase the quantity and quality of products. The repeatability of PULSE is ± 0.1 mm. The percentage of defective parts is close to zero. Also, at the request of the client, a gripping device that guarantees a gentle grasp of the finished product can be selected.

Rozum Robotics is grateful to ABAMET for having an opportunity to test the PULSE robot operator with HAAS machines.

You can learn more about the PULSE machine operator robot here.

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