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Powerful Motors for Robotic Applications

Powerful Motors for Powerful Robots—From People Who Actually Build Them
Robotics has always required innovative solutions—like those of Rozum Robotics, from high-precision RDrive servomotors to frameless AC kits and customized drives.

Why Hardware Startups Pick Rozum Robotics

To win over an increasingly competitive market, a startup has to move quickly, and that’s no easy feat—especially for a hardware one. Being a product-centered company ourselves, we at Rozum Robotics understand the challenge like no one else.

Rozum Robotics has a proven track record of successful robotic products like our 6-axis robotic arm PULSE. The manipulator is widely known as a top-notch solution for manufacturing enterprises and is the heart of our fully-automated Rozum Café.

As robot manufacturers, we at Rozum Robotics know firsthand how hard it is to find a motor for robotics in terms of price, quality, and delivery speed. That’s why we decided to devise our own motors and actuators—and effectively did so.

Frameless Motor FMI
Custom Motors

RDrive is a high-integrity servomotor that can be used instead of a robot actuator. In a nutshell, it’s an all-in-one solution—a full package of an encoder, a controller, a harmonic gear, and an AC brushless motor. RDrive is extremely powerful yet compact, doesn’t lower efficiency and torque, and has high-precision motion control. It’s an excellent pick for robotics, industrial automation, drones, and other industries.

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Frameless Motor FMI

The FMI series is a lineup of compact yet powerful high-torque brushless AC motors. Being rotor-and-stator hollow-shaft kits, frameless motors by Rozum Robotics can easily fit into any design. They don’t require any add-ons to enable driving force transmission. The FMI motors are a solid choice for robotics, commercial applications, healthcare solutions, etc.

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Custom Motors

Having our own R&D center and a team of stellar engineers, Rozum Robotics can quickly develop a number of custom motors specifically for you. All you really need to do is to reach out to us with your needs, and we’ll come up with a custom electric motor no one else will have.

Why Getting a Motor with Us?

Speaking from experience, we can say that most hardware startups face the following challenges:

In-House Motors Are Expensive

Developing motors for robotic applications in the US can be too expensive: the total expenses may eventually equal the cost of several hundred standard servomotors, and with the widening gap in the war for tech talent the search for skilled engineers will take more time and money you originally intended to spend.

European Prices Are Too High

European manufacturers can provide you with a high-quality robotic actuator for sure. However, development and customization prices for products of recognized brands skyrocket. They often will work for you if you order large quantities of motors to avoid long delivery. For a startup that’s racing against the clock to build a prototype, this is not an option.

Asian Products Are of Low-Quality

Asian robotic motors producers’ prices are more attractive than their Western counterparts—but the end product you receive may turn out to be of low quality. Robotic actuators in this region are incapable of handling industrial loads. There's also a risk that the actual parameters will differ from the ones promised.

Rozum Robotics Builds Its Own Motors—For a Better, Fairer Price

We love robots and know what motors they need. We can for sure say the best choice to build a robot is a metal-geared servo motor, preferably with a closed-loop motion control system—the one our RDrive has. Frameless motors by Rozum Robotics will work for solutions that already have an encoder and controller. Each of these options can be customized—or we can build a unique drive from scratch.

We’re flexible and can adapt our solutions to your business—without asking you to make large orders. The average delivery time takes from 2 to 6 weeks. We also provide a 1-year warranty for every product and have an extensive system of distributors.

Top 5 Reasons to Order Motor by Rozum Robotics

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to try out our motors for robotic applications:

In-House Production

All the motors by Rozum Robotics are built with our own hands. We do not outsource orders—every idea, motor, and robot is born in our R&D center.

High-torque output

Our servo motors and FMI motors produce high-torque output, increasing the payload capacity of a robot.

Simple Integration

Our drives are robust enough to be used in an industrial robot, yet compact and lightweight meaning you can use them for any design.

Live Tech Support

Our tech support specialists are ready to assist you whenever you need it. We also provide detailed documentation and video instructions for every product.

1-Year Warranty and Long Service Life

All our motors come with a 1-year warranty. The service life of our solutions estimates up to 35,000 hours. All products comply with the best industry practices.

Purchase, Delivery & Service

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    All it takes to place an order is to submit an online request, send us an email, or give us a call. Our technician will advise you on a proper product
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    Make a Payment
    We issue an invoice based on agreed terms and you pay it up - just as simple as that. If needed, our managers will guide you through the process
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    Average lead time for our orders is up to six weeks. We will deliver the purchase right to your door—wherever the door is located
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    All the products are covered with a 1-year warranty. Each of our customers gets personalized LIVE tech support from the engineering team when requested