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Online-Conference “It is hard”

July 10 at 11.00 Moscow time

Online meetup for companies developing hardware products. The conference will be held in the Russian language only.

Creating and managing a hardware company is a long and complex process.
It is not enough to gather a team of enthusiasts. Rather, you need a clear understanding of the goals, and you have to develop a strategy.
Unlike software companies, hardware has more risks associated with logistics, quality control, and management.
At a free online-conference from Innopolis University and Rozum Robotics, you will learn:

  • where and how to find specialists for your team
  • how to effectively build internal processes and teamwork
  • how to interest investors in your project
  • how to attract investment through crowdfunding
  • how to plan a marketing strategy and find customers
  • how to make your product noticeable

When: July 10 at 11.00 Moscow time
Free registration:
Full program: