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Frameless servo motors by Rozum Robotics are compact, yet powerful brushless motors. Easy integration and up-to-date characteristics make Rozum Robotics brushless motors a perfect choice when high power and compact size are foremost.

Being one of the essential elements of mechatronic systems in today’s world of technology, frameless servo motors have to be chosen wisely. Rozum Robotics develops efficient designs to meet the smallest of size requirements and the most powerful torque loads to cater to ever growing industry of robotics and its applications, for a variety of robots, including industrial articulated robots, collaborative robots, medical robots, and more.

frameless motor
Frameless Motors

What is behind frameless motor technology?

So, what is a frameless and how much do you know about it? Prior to introducing our products, let’s look into it and clear up the topic. Electrically, there are no differences between them and conventional permanent magnet or induction motors. The components that go into a frameless are stator assembly and rotor assembly kits with permanent magnets.

One may wonder, why they are so compact. Well, the frameless includes no bearing, shaft, or endbells, all of which can introduce compliance and machine resonances. The very intent is to integrate the motor directly with the rotating shaft of the machine. That is how the design of the machine becomes more efficient, acquires a lighter weight, and the footprint is reduced. As a desired result, this efficient device can deliver the load to the exact designated position much more precisely and with less settling time or overshoot.

The beauty of their design is that it is more malleable and can be adapted to a specific application. Housed motors come in specific sizes, and you have to think of means to make them flexible on your own.

Power in size

One of most difficult tasks for a manufacturer who delivers products for robotics is to meet the size requirements. Compact size is crucial for a motor to fit into the robot—be it the articulating robotic wrist, shoulder axis, or elbow. And don’t forget that it has to be strong and robust enough to handle continuous performance cycles. Using reliable and cost-efficient materials we managed to produce the best options for your robot assembly or any other application.

Why frameless?

Frameless upgrades are doing wonders—the performance advantages are undeniable. When inserted into a machine, they eliminate the need for extra mechanical elements between the motor and load (such as couplings, pulleys, belts, etc.). Thus, dynamic performance is substantially improved by increased stiffness. There is no urgency in matching the inertia of the motor and that of the machine itself because the motor and load become one and the same inertial mass. Moreover, as there are less mechanical parts that can wear out, so the lifespan of the entire mechanism increases and otherwise inevitable additional maintenance costs are minimized.


  • Lower temperature rise due to highly efficient design of electromagnets, which means better performance for robots with temperature rise constraints.
  • New frameless design with lower voltage contributes to higher efficiency and lighter weight.
  • Reliable materials that ensure a longer service life.
  • Industry-leading torque density helps to achieve compact size and lighter weight of robotic joints.
  • Frameless design allows for smooth motion and increased flexibility.
  • Less constrained by space.
  • Rigid load coupling, resulting in ncreased rigidity or stiffness. This improves the quality of the product as the overall stiffness of the machine itself is dependent on the cumulative stiffness of all mechanical elements between the motor rotor and load—belts, gear sets, pulleys or gearboxes, and couplings.  If needed, the above can be easily eliminated by direct coupling.
  • Can be directly embedded into a machine, removing the need for maintenance of gearboxes, belts, or pulleys.

Where to apply such motors?

Some time ago, robotic technology was an exclusive domain of military and aerospace industries. So far, it has extended its presence through many brand-new and exciting industrial usages. It is much more affordable than it was before due to alternative material supplies and different manufacturing methods. Adapting robotics to new industrial and medical applications brought even more attention to the topic, which means that the field of robot technology continues to develop and grow. Frameless is the future!

The FMI series by Rozum Robotics
Frameless Motors by Rozum Robotics

Best applications

Such motors don’t require any additional elements and best in use when freeing some extra space is largely beneficial for the entire device. Frameless will do good when implemented in robots, centrifuges, winders, machine tools. There is always a better option based on your specific requirements, and we certainly claim to be the one.

Implementation opportunities:

  • medicine
  • robotics projects
  • industrial equipment
  • moving elements
  • pumps, compressors, etc.

Download materials

If you plan to integrate FMI-series into your project, it might be a good idea to download materials ahead and learn the details. Should you have any questions or require additional information about our frameless models, feel free to contact us.