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Compact And High Torque Servo Motor

High torque ratings, long lasting, energy efficient—that is how one can describe new generation of servo motors. The very purpose of the device is to correct the action of a mechanism by detecting errors and gathering useful feedback. Based on these feedback signals, the device is capable of controlling mechanical position of an object, its speed, and even parameters.

It is quite simple: a servo motor is a closed-loop servomechanism that controls motion and final position of the object based on position feedback. It is usually paired with an encoder to provide feedback on position and speed.

By professionally applying compressed winding technology, the product has been transformed to acquire a more compact size. The new way of manufacturing itself leads to lower production costs. A good servomechanism is highly configurable, allowing for thousands of combinations to fit to all possible application: machine tools, robots, medical diagnostic equipment, autonomous vehicles, satellite-tracking antennas, remote control airplanes, automatic navigation systems on planes, boats and other similar high performance applications.

Compact And High Torque Servo Motor

Rozum Robotics presents RDrive

Hollow shaft high torque servo motors in the RDrive lineup are available in five modifications: RDrive50, RDrive60, RDrive70, RDrive85 and RDrive110. Each features different performance characteristics, dimensions, and weight so you can pick the right design accurately for your application. RDrive motors are perfect for implementing an industrial automation solution, building a model aircraft, or working on your own groundbreaking robotic project.

The story behind our servos

We started with designing a proprietary frameless AC motor, which is now at the heart of our RDrive series. We coupled the high torque motors with two absolute magnetic encoders for getting feedback and a controller to orchestrate motion control. In addition, we provided a hollow shaft for smooth integration.

With a built-in strain-wave gearhead, we increased power to our servo motor. This enables the actuator to convert high-speed and low-torque motor energy into low-speed and high-torque output.

Now that we have completed the work, we are proud to have a product that hold its own with established European manufacturers — the high-torque servo, compact RDrive series models!high torque servo

Why choose RDrive high torque motor ?

The correct choice will have long-term benefits and will have a strong positive impact on the overall production and its lifespan. At the same time, if you make a mistake at the very beginning by choosing a less efficient kind—performance and maintenance issues are inevitable.

Advantages of RDrive servos

  • Hollow-shaft design and small size

Designed with a hollow shaft, our powerful high torque servo allows for easy mechanical and simplified electrical integration for your business. RDrive series servos come in a variety of dimensions, enabling you to choose a high quality motor, the best fit for your project: RDrive50 (53 mm diameter, 85 mm length), RDrive60 (63 mm diameter, 89 mm  length), RDrive70 (73 mm diameter, 105 mm  length), RDrive85 (88 mm diameter, 112 mm length), RDrive110 (115 mm diameter, 150 mm diameter).

  • Powerful solution

Despite their compact size, our high torque servos boast high power and performance characteristics that compare favourably to the specifications of top industry players.

  • Harmonic gearbox

The built in strain-wave gearhead has almost-zero backlash and a gear ratio of 1 : 100, enhancing performance and overall operational efficiency of our servo and providing high-torque output. Harmonic gearbox adjusts the rotation speed and the torque output to meet the requirements of your application.

  • A built-in controller and two 19-bit absolute encoders

With a controller and two 19-bit absolute magnetic encoders integrated into the housing, the RDrive ensures repeatability rates, high-precision motion control. The end result is an enhanced quality of production output that is increased throughout your machines.

  • API control

It is now possible to use your preferred technology stack to implement motion control — C / C ++ / Java / Python.

  • Reliable feedback from encoders

Provides you with valuable diagnostic data on the servo operation parameters, such as torque and speed. The information can help to improve troubleshooting capabilities and implement preventive maintenance.

  • CAN-interface

A number of RDrive servos can be combined into a CAN network, allowing you to control multiple operations from a single device. High torque servo RDrive 50 model (53 mm, 11 Nm) in action. Total payload is 135 kilos.

  • 5 Servos: choose yours

We are offering five different types of motors with a wide range of characteristics. They are - RDrive 50,  RDrive 60, RDrive 70, RDrive 85, and RDrive 110. All of them are high torque servos, ranging from 11 Nm to 216 Nm (with the peak torque from 28 Nm to 333 Nm accordingly). Moreover, as one of the main superiorities of our products is their small, compact size, that allows for seamless integration and takes up less space in your machine. It is now available in diameters from 53 mm to 115 mm—a rarity, so to say!

RDrive: compact high torque servo with a hollow shaft

Rozum Robotics manufactures its servo motors using stringent production standards. We use only quality raw materials purchased from high-grade suppliers. Electrotechnical steel, rare-earth magnets, and copper wire are just a few examples of the materials that going into making our products.

Most of the components in our servos (frameless AC motors, controllers, and encoders) are created and manufactured by us. The entire process, from welding the rotor plates to applying a compound, is under our strict control. Third-party components such as strain-wave gearheads and bearings come from quality vendors in Europe and Japan.

RD50 model (53 mm, 14Nm) in action. Total payload 135 kilo.