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Camera Robot PULSE

PULSE is a top-notch product on the market of professional video equipment. A camera robot fulfills your most daring ideas and concepts. This is an ultimate upgrade of your operator’s mastery.

Why do I need a robot cameraman?

What is important in the operator’s work?
To imagine the desired frame clearly, to choose the right angle and to keep the right speed. Sometimes this is challenging due to some external reasons: difficult shooting conditions, complicated trajectory, etc.

The camera robot solves these problems.
With 6 degrees of freedom, the PULSE robot moves along any given trajectory and angle. You can choose smooth acceleration or deceleration at any point. PULSE repeats the once given trajectory with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Change the light, the scenery, do as many shots as you need, the accuracy will not be affected at all!

The core advantages of the robot operator

The robot helps you achieve exactly the shot you’ve imagined. With PULSE you get:


Freedom of moves

Thanks to the 6-axis design, the robot moves at almost any angle. Tilting, trucking, following shots or closing in, any techniques are available with the robotic camera arm. Take separate shots or use continuous camera movement with a quick and precise change of angle for the long shots. Camera robot makes even complex trajectories with no change of speed or shaking.


High speed

A powerful motor is placed in each joint of the robot, which allows achieving an acceleration of 2 m / s in 0.1 seconds. Ready-made acceleration and deceleration programs will help you reach cool operator effects in just a couple of clicks. The robotic motors are designed using brushless technology. This allows to reduce the noise level and to avoid “shaking” when the robot moves.


Motion Control

Thanks to its construction, PULSE is very easy to control. It can be trained in manual mode. Just move the robot along the trajectory you need, and it will repeat it with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. You can save the algorithm you like and use it anytime.

Collaborative camera robot PULSE

Camera Robot from Rozum Robotics for Your Craziest Ideas!

With PULSE, you can quickly and superbly shoot ads and promos, 360° product demos and even animations. The camera robot is very light (12.6 kg) and compact (fits in a suitcase) — you can easily move it around the studio or transport it from place to place.

Key features of the camera robot PULSE:

Mobile as a snake

The robot camera arm moves like a human arm. 6 degrees of freedom are available. The maximum working radius is 750 mm. The working range of 4 axes is 360°, 2 middle axes — 170°.

Fast as a leopard

Linear speed — 2 m / s. Acceleration time 0-1 m / s — 0.1 s. Speed ​​values ​​do not change when the trajectory is changed. You can use ready-made presets for acceleration and deceleration of the camera robot.

Tender as a kitten

PULSE is a collaborative robot. It’s approved for direct work with people. PULSE is certified by safety standards ISO 10218-1: 2011 (E), ANSI and RIA R15.06.

Obedient as a dog

The purchased order includes a control unit and a software package. Programming the robot is possible with the manual guidance along the trajectory and the REST API. In the program, you can easily correct the movements of the robot operator to the nearest tenth of a millimeter.

Flexible as chameleon

Thanks to the universal base of the camera robot, it can be installed on any flat surface: floor, walls, cage or ceiling. The capture device for the camera is selected based on the requirements of the client. PULSE uses a universal flange on which you can set any capture device.

Reliable as... no idea... it's just reliable

The operating conditions of the robot are 0–35° С. PULSE is protected from contamination by particles with a diameter of over 1 mm. For shooting in heavily-polluted conditions and at high temperatures or humidity, it is possible to develop safety covers for the robot. Each camera robot is provided with a 1-year warranty.