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Trick Or Treat. Halloween Guide for Servomotor Lovers

There are two kinds of people: those who start preparing for Halloween in March, and those who prefer to see pumpkins only in their soup.

HalloweenTech-lovers are the most innovative bunch among the first kind. They aren’t satisfied with a couple of candles on the window and the ready-made door decorations. Nope. They turn on all their creativity and knowledge to make the spookiest decorations ever and make you feel a bit lazy and not Halloween-ready enough.


In this article, you will find the coolest Halloween DIYs that have in common one secret tech-ingredient – servomotors

Servos are widely known among robotic lovers, as they are used in industrial robotic joints, robotic arms, robotic legs, and other movable parts of robots. But with simpler hobby versions ordered on Amazon and DIYs listed below, you can create a perfect smart decoration by yourself. 

Here are the ideas for the 3 most important heroes of every All Saints' Eve.


DIY 1. I’m watching you:

You need:

  1. Foam pumpkin
  2. Eye balls
  3. Micro servo motors  
  4. 1" PVC couplings
  5. Arduino microcontroller uno
  6. Breadboard
  7. Wire

You’ll get:

A bug-eyed orange monster that you can use as a security guard at your front door. But caution! If you look at this mutant-pumpkin too long, you may get scopophobia.


DIY 2. Sing with us

You need:

  1. Foam Pumpkin
  2. Servo motors  
  3. Arduino microcontroller uno
  4. PCB prototype board
  5. Assorted headers
  6. 5V regulator
  7. .33uf capacitor + .1uf capacitor
  8. 3 resistors (~600 ohm)
  9. 6 LEDs 
  10. Insulated wire
  11. 9V battery clip + 9V Battery
  12. 3 plastic knives
  13. 3 small hinges (I used 1.5'' and 2'')
  14. Masking and electrical Tape

You’ll get:

A pumpkin family that looks just like me when I am watching the Voice. They open their mouths so naturally that you wouldn’t believe it’s lip-syncing.


No time for hi-tech pumpkin ideas? One minute till Halloween? Use this one option:



DIY 1. Dead and still so chatty

You need:

  1. Skull and bones (lucky are  those who work at the school lab)
  2. Black cloak (use one from the graduation)
  3. PIR Sensor module
  4. Ladyada waveshield kit
  5. Servo motor
  6. Arduino microcontroller UNO
  7. 2 LEDs
  8. Speakers
  9. Wire
  10. PVC and fittings

You’ll get:

A great companion for long winter evenings.


DIY 2. Hi, pretty!

You need:

  1. Foam skull
  2. Light sensors
  3. Arduino Uno microcontroller
  4. Servo motor
  5. Breadboard 

You’ll get:

Someone who is always watching you. Yep. It sounds a bit creepy even not in the Halloween context.  



DIY 1. Nobody is at home

You need:

  1. Spider
  2. HC-SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor
  3. SG90 Servo
  4. Arduino Uno

You’ll get:

Few corps of arachnophobes at your front door and a lot of fun.


And here is one more example that shows how cool a servo motor can be applied! 

Beating silicone heart

You need:

A lot of stuff (find in the video description) and some drawing skills.

You’ll get:

A thing that looks scary even for Resident Evil fan. 

silicone heart

If you didn’t manage to prepare for the Halloween eve this year, no worries, save this page for the next year. But maybe it’s better to start a bit in advance ;)  

halloween costume