RDrive: Right Servo Motor for a Fair Price

From our experience at Rozum Robotics, buying a servo motor can be a challenging task. You have to find the right balance between price, quality, and specifications you need.

On average in the market, a simple servo that comprises only a frameless motor and an encoder costs between 200 USD to 1 500 USD. A more sophisticated product with an integrated controller and gearhead is even more expensive.

While you can find cheaper models from Asia, the materials used and design of the product can make them rather disappointing in terms of quality and service life. The prices for servo motors from established European companies are higher, but European manufacturers are usually unwilling to deal with purchase orders of less than 100 pieces. Alternatively, If you need to order just one piece, get ready to pay at least 50% above the average purchase price. Customization will also add a significant amount to the final price as well.

Buying a servo from Rozum Robotics

With the price you pay to Rozum Robotics, you get a fully functional compact high-torque servo motor. Integrated into every one of our motors is a controller, a harmonic drive, and two position feedback encoders.

Our RDrive series includes a vareity of sizes to choose from with different speed-torque ratios, power options, and other parameters. Our servo motors offer numerous options to best fit your application which saves you money you the customization costs.

To download detailed specifications CLICK HERE.

Due to reduced production costs and a well-designed manufacturing process, the price of our servo is lower than that offered by our European competitors while maintaining and even surpassing their performance.

The estimated service life of our servo motors is 35,000 hours. Rozum Robotics also provides a 1-YEAR WARRANTY.

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Pricing and supply terms for our servo motors

The average delivery term is eight weeks. We can supply any quantity you need—a single servo motor or a dozen of them—without extra charges for small batches. We are also able to offer discounts for large orders.

               GEARED         NO GEAR       
  RDrive 50     2 290,00 USD   1 590,00 USD  
  RDrive 60   2 590,00 USD   1 840,00 USD  
  RDrive 70       3 190,00 USD   2 390,00 USD  
  RDrive 85    3 400,00 USD   2 590,00 USD  
  RDrive 110    4 290,00 USD   3 490,00 USD  

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