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absolute position encoder

June 21,2019

From elevators to high-end robotics—the encoder can be found in various applications of different complexity. This electromechanical device is key to flawless functioning of machinery, whether it is used to monitor conveyor movements or to control motor positioning in robotics.

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Mini servo motors

June 18,2019

Perhaps, as a child, you spent time making noise with your remote control automobiles or other playthings. If you were curious enough to break an RC toy or clumsy enough to crash it into pieces, you saw mini motors inside—servos. These are the devices that propel the miniature vehicles and toys. The hobbyist drives are a very primitive replica of high-end industrial and commercial servos that are used in lab cobots and machines capable of performing versatile manipulations with granular precision.

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Absolute shaft encoders

January 27,2019

A shaft encoder vs. an absolute shaft encoder—the seeming distinction is a single word. In reality, the underlying metering technology makes a major difference. Replacing the “absolute” part with “incremental” would change the meaning altogether. Read on to get a better idea of related implications.

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Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Units and Other RDrive Mounts

January 03,2019

What plays a role when you select an actuator to implement an automation project? Apart from the obvious criteria of price-to-performance ratio, important points include compactness, ease of integration, and usage flexibility. The products in the RDrive servo lineup are designed to drive various machinery as vertical, horizontal, or tiltable hollow shaft motor units. The choice of a mounting alternative is rather a matter of application particulars because the mechanical interface enables installing the engines upright, in parallel, or at an angle. The body design—with a through or a solid bore—is a customizable feature, available upon request. Let us explore the options to see whether and how they can work out to your advantage.

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Custom servo motors: why and when?

December 11,2018

More often than once in a blue moon, a newly purchased engine would fail to meet expectations—in terms of performance, sizing, ergonomics, or cost of ownership. Some features turn out superfluous, whereas essential functions are missing. A wise solution to save disappointments and prevent trouble before it actually happens is to go after custom servo motors from the start.

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