Custom designed solutions

At Rozum Robotics we make excellent robots and robot parts, but we don't stop there. Our engineers like new challenges, and a great source of challenges is building custom automation solutions. Therefore, we are willing to use our engineering skills, creativity and manufacturing technology to design and build solutions for your specific needs.

A team of Rozum Robotics specialists with outstanding experience in robotics, electrical control systems, mechanical engineering and software development can craft a solution for just about any challenge. We can develop anything from a small but significant robot part or accessory to a fully equipped robot for a specific application, or a complete automation system including hardware and software.

Our custom solutions are reliable, highly accurate, thoroughly tested and are always built with durability in mind.

The process

  • Consultation
  • Development
  • Production
  • Quality Management
  • Supply
  • Technical Service

During the consultation stage we collect your requirements and discuss the choice of available options. After that, we develop all necessary project documentation and pass it to production. After the production stage is complete, we perform all necessary tests to ensure top quality and order compliance with claimed specifications. After that, we supply your order, providing the necessary technical assistance with setup. After that, we provide technical service to our solutions if needed.

No matter whether you are at the stage of an idea, or already have the exact requirements, whether your company is considering industrial robots for the first time or looking to expand your current robotic systems, we can help and provide low-cost, high-tech robotic solution for your need.

Please contact us with any questions on a custom robot solution you are thinking about.