PULSE robotic arm

Robotic Arm

PULSE by Rozum Robotics is a new-generation, Industry 4.0 ready robotic arm.

The arm itself is a collaborative robot built with all the latest technology to demonstrate superior working performance:

        • ultra lightweight (only 8 kg),
        • strong and dexterous (6 degrees of freedom, 3 kg payload, 700 mm reach)
        • precise (+/- 0.1 mm repeatability)
        • and fast (30+ rpm nominal speed)


PULSE is powered by PULSE DESK - a unique software ecosystem that integrates with your enterprise management tools and offers you the smartest, simplest and most convenient way to control the arm, its working environment and necessary supplies - and collect all relevant data.

With our collaborative robotic arm PULSE and its cutting edge software PULSE DESK we remove the necessity for human presence in the workspace at all, and make it possible for JUST ONE person to distantly control any number of robots in different locations, even in different places on Earth. 

How is this possible?

PULSE is the first collaborative robot that can be operated from smartwatch. And from any other modern device, be it a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

By utilizing common-life mobile technology, PULSE welcomes the simple, wirelessly handheld life to the world of cobots, redefining portable control and making a step towards making robots a part of everyday life.

What makes PULSE special?

Collaborative robots pop up like mushrooms these days, why should you look at PULSE? 

PULSE is better than other cobots in many things:

Ultra lightweight and mobile - only 8 kg! Easily move the cobot and switch it between tasks. 

Compact - the most compact in its class. Fit the cobot where there isn't actually space for a cobot, be it on manufacturing floor, in a restaurant kitchen or in a home.

Beautiful, yet powerful, yet safe - a stylish gadget with the power of an industrial machine and the safety of a baby toy. 100% human friendly. You'll love it!

Modular - you can get your individual PULSE. Using PULSE modules we can build a robot of any shape, make it stronger or add more degrees of freedom for better reach and dexterity.

Operated wirelessly from any common-life device - take a smartphone out of your pocket, download an app - and there you are. Use any laptop, tablet, smartphone (and also smartwatch), no need for heavy and clumsy industrial-grade input devices.

"Wirelessly" means "from anywhere" - put a robot in your company's branch in every country, you can still control all of them from any place with an Internet. 

Zero learning curve software - PULSE can be programmed by a child, using a simple, intuitive interface. (No worries, for professionals and geeks, we've reserved the coding options too!)



PULSE is an exceptionally lightweight, efficient and safe robotic arm that suits a wide range of applications like assembly, pick-n-place, drilling, welding and gluing, inspection and testing in aerospace, automotive or any production, packaging and palletizing in logistics, distant manipulation (repairs, device positioning) in space and military, operations in clean room environments like chemical or pharmaceutical laboratory and many other uses.

Simple modular design allows for a more cost effective production which in its turn results in a better price.

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Download product brochure: PULSE robotic arm - PDF