Rozum Robotics presents its robotic arm at the Party Hard! 2016 conference


Party Hard! 2016 conference took place on February 6, 2016 in Minsk in Business Incubator or the High Tech Park. This is an international conference for electronic engineers, system engineers and system designers which is also attended by thousands of amateurs who build their own electronic tools and systems.

This year, the main themes of the conference were robotics, construction of electronic devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and business in hardware sphere.

In his presentation, Rozum Robotics co-founder and CEO Viktar Khamianok told a brief story of how his tech startup walked the way from building their first lightweight manipulator to the idea of building their own high precision servo motors. In a video Viktar showed, we could see the first version of Rozum Robotics arm pouring milk into a glass. However, Rozum Robotics engineers were not satisfied with the precision of their robot and after looking at available options of third party servo motors decided to design and build their own motor that would exceed third party ones in tech specs.

Rozum Robotics motor, CyberDrive was built using cutting edge technology to feature top characteristics in repeatability, torque, durability etc. CyberDrive motors are now used in Rozum-developed robotic arms, and are also offered to order as spare parts.

Viktar demonstrated a new model of their robotic arm equipped with CyberDrive servo motors. The arm was holding a marker and drawing images on paper. The exceptional smoothness of arm movements is ensured by wave gear used in the CyberDrive servos. While wave gear is not new thing, in robotics it opens up a huge field of opportunities, because high torque provided by wave gear results in outstanding precision and smoothness of movement in a robot, thus it is now possible to create an industrial robot capable of assembling tiny mechanisms, or a robot that would be a talented painter.

Rozum Robotics currently offer to order their CyberDrive motors, robotic arms, a variety of robot parts and end effectors that are featured on their website.