Rozum Robotics hits the market with a range of its new innovative servo motors

Rozum Robotics enters the broad and versatile market of automation products with a range of innovative servo motors. CyberDrive motors are built as a high-speed, high-precision, smart solution for a variety of applications, first and foremost robotics.

The motors are offered in a variety of sizes, they differ in power, torque/speed and other specs. The CyberDrive motors can be built with a hollow shaft or solid shaft, and can be supplied with integrated controllers (which is a huge space-saver).

All motors feature excellent efficiency, precision and quiet operation, they come in an easy, lightweight design, are easy to program, integrate and use.

One of the important benefits of Rozum's servo motors is their good price. Rozum engineers managed to streamline workflows and cut costs while offering product of remarkable quality. As a result, CyberDrive is far more reasonably priced than other high precision servo motors of the same class.

This is, actually, how the idea of building their own servo motors hit the makers of CyberDrive: at first the engineers from Rozum Robotics were building robotic arms using third-party motors. The idea that a servo motor, no matter how important it is to the operation of a machine, does not necessarily cost a fortune, crossed the developers' minds. Besides, the motors available on the market were not Within a short period of time, Rozum's experienced engineers built their first motor that gave start to the CyberDrive product line.

Now CyberDrive servos have passed careful quality management procedures and have been tested in various working environments.

The motors are now available to order from Rozum Robotics website. Models vary by size, offered gear ratios fall between 60 and 160:1, the motors can provide maximum torques up to 157 Nm and precision up to 219 bits.

Besides, Rozum Robotics specialists are able to make custom designed servo motors for the specific needs of their customers.

You can find more information on Rozum Robotics website.