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Choosing a Brushless Motor and Manufacturer

January 16,2019

The current market of motion solutions favors brushless motor manufacturers. The evidence is the statistics from recent research: the 2017 sales of the actuator type amounted to about 6 billion USD with expected growth at the rate of almost 11%. By 2026, the figure is projected to reach 14 billion USD. This article features characteristics to be taken into account when choosing a brushless motor manufacturer.

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Custom frameless motors

December 26,2018

rom its invention in the early nineteenth century up to now, the electromotor technology has made impressive progress, winning over fans across households, industries, businesses. Medical and food processing equipment, heavy-duty pumps, compressors, agricultural and construction machinery—every application has nuances, demanding a singular approach. Modification certainly fills some gaps, but a custom electric motor allows to satisfy the entire set of system-specific demands, bringing overall productivity to a completely new level.

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Brushless technology

August 20,2018

First-ever electromotors, dating back to the early nineteenth century, produced unidirectionally oriented moment of force utilizing mechanically engaged elements. As technological progress picked up pace, motion engineers have got rid of the mechanics, replacing it with solid-state components to deliver a more efficient technology—brushless AC motors and DC engines of the same no-brush type. So, what are the benefits of the modifications?

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