Middle/Senior Java Developer/Team Lead

Unique proposal for those who feel like vomitting hearing words ERP, CRM and e-commerce. But those who feel crazy about words protocol, interface and recessive bits. A person who is a hacker deep in his soul. The one who's always been much more interested what are the things inside the toy car than the car itself. Our team of geek engineers welcomes those who have been dreaming about making future technologies available right now. 

Rozum Robotics is an ambitious team, developing high precision robotics and components. We are working on an interesting and unique project in the sphere of robotics and related software. 

We are seeking for a talented Java-developer loving his work. 


  • Robot control server development (Linux, Core Java, Multi-threading, Sockets, Guice)
  • Development/assisting Android client 
  • Experience trasfer, team training 


  • Perfect knowledge of Core Java 8, understanding of JVM, GC
  • Intuitive understanding of object oriented programming, Design Patterns (ideal situation - ability to develop server architecture)
  • Experience in Sockets (for example Netty or Apache MINA)
  • Understanding of advantages and disadvantages of multi-threading, deadlock and synchronize
  • Understanding of Linux
  • Experience in using Git, Maven, Jenkins
  • Ability to easily differentiate Clean and Spaghetti Code


  • Experience in Android SDK
  • Understanding of modern protocols and interfaces
  • Understanding of modern concepts of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Electnonics and physics understanding (basic level)
  • Practical experience in automatic control theory, process modelling (Matlab/Simulink)


  • Work with most talented engineers
  • Perspective hardware и software project
  • Adding your value to hi-tech product
  • Drive-atmosphere
  • Interesting and challenging tasks
  • Competitive salary
  • Comfortable office, coffee, pechenkee. 
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