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Servomotors RDrive

Featuring integrated controller, encoder, and harmonic gear drive

RDrive by Rozum Robotics is a hollow shaft compact servomotor. A frameless motor, 2 absolute position magnetic encoder,  a strain-wave gear and a motor controller are all placed in a single housing. Though RDrive is a small servomotor (53-115 mm diameter), it can boast high torque density (up to 333 Nm), high power (up to 680 W), and high precision (0.01 mm).  



AC or DC 

Most servomotor manufacturers produce a housed brushless motor coupled with an encoder. They call it a servomotor. Powered by DC current, the motor is controlled with the help of an external servo controller kit (sometimes called servo drive). In case you need a gear motor kit, you connect a gearhead to the motor. The overall design is whatever but not a compact servo motor in this case. 

RDrive servo by Rozum Robotics is an all-in-one solution. RDrive servomotor unites in a single housing all the main elements: an encoder, a controller, a harmonic gear and an AC brushless motor. Since the controller is integrated into the motor, the RDrive is a DC servomotor with a brushless AC core. 



Available modifications

RDrive comes in a variety of sizes. Detailed characteristics are given below. Custom servo modifications and low-voltage 3-phase servo motor kits without a harmonic drive are available on request. 


Model      RDrive 50      RDrive 60              RDrive 70              RDrive 85              RDrive 110    




65 W


225 W


155 W


450 W

  680 W  




11 Nm


39 Nm


49 Nm


108 Nm

  216 Nm  

Peak torque



28 Nm


54 Nm


82 Nm


157 Nm

  333 Nm  

Rated rotation speed



55 rpm


55 rpm 


30 rpm


40 rpm

  40 rpm  




53 mm


63  mm


73 mm


88 mm

  115 mm  




85 mm


89 mm


105 mm


112 mm

  150 mm  

Hollow shaft diameter



9 mm


11 mm


13 mm


13 mm

  17 mm  




600 g


900 g


1300 g


2100 g

  3900 g  




48 V


48 V


48 V


48 V

  48 V  















Gearless models











Work conditions:  


0 °C to +35 °С 

  Interface: CANopen   
  API: C/C++/Java/Python   
  Encoder: 2x19 bit, magnetic, absolute position   


Where to apply 

RDrive motion control servo is the best servomotor for robotics. Absolute encoder provides precise servo positioning (19 bit), hollow shaft encoder and servo design allows for easy integration into any robotic arm. Looking for a low voltage motor robot? Try our electric servomotor kits. 

Industrial servo motor application is another popular use of Rozum Robotics servos. Whenever you need a CNC machines servo kit, RDrive will fit. 


Gearless RDrive modification: servomotor without a gearhead

Why choose RDrive servomotor 

Rozum Robotics is an independent servo motor manufacturer. We have our own production line. 90% of all the elements are produced by our production team. It helps us to ensure high quality on every production step.

Service life of our servo motors is 35,000 hours. Rozum Robotics also provides a 1-YEAR WARRANTY. Our online support team is eager to help you whenever needed. Detailed video instructions and technical documentation are provided. Average servomotor lead-time 2-8 weeks. A network of international dealers and distributors for local support is available.

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